Storyboards / Styleframes


Aljazeera: The Cure - Karl Landsteiner

A two minute information graphic, to illustrate Karl Landsteiner's discovery of the blood groups. For this I worked with scriptwriters at Aljazeera and from that point did the storyboarding/design. Through to creating his office in cinema 4d and adding compositing in Nuke.

Alaraby: Brand Stories

Set of idents to launch Alaraby TV. The role was to design and create a mixture of idents illustrating the viewers ability to affect change in news telling.

Aljazeera: Banned from Publishing

Title sequence for Aljazeera, illustrating banned literature and news. My role was concept design through to directing shoot, and compositing result.

Aljazeera: Empire

Title Sequence for current affairs in North America. Here I worked as part of a team in the design and direction.